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Powering Industry Data

Breweries of every size and type utilize BreweryDB as the backbone of their verified/accurate brewery and product information. Owned and managed by BrewLogix, BreweryDB maintains the trust of the industry by daily updating and curating product data for the benefit of the entire supply chain. Through BreweryDB you can educate customers and consumers about your brew’s flavor profile, ingredients, nutrition information, organic status, and key product attributes. You can promote your brewery, its mission, and unique story. You can share your website and drive traffic to your tap room.

Promoting Independent Craft Brewers

BreweryDB takes the opportunity to feature Independent Craft Brewers in its massive database. By displaying your Certified Independent Craft logo, customers and consumers can verify this important status. Today, “independent craft” and “local” are increasingly preferred by the highest-performing on-tap programs. When beer customers and consumers search BreweryDB, they will know your brewery is independently certified by the Brewer’s Association.

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Expanding Customer & Consumer Product Knowledge

On-premise retailers are continuously updating their draft brew product mix – pursuing a balance of flavor profiles that delights customers and drives traffic. This means product information is constantly changing and staff have to keep up. BrewLogix customers have the benefit of BreweryDB built right into their iKeg application – so your product information is now in the palm of the retailers’ hands.