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What could you do if you knew…?

BrewLogix customers know exactly how much product is in their kegs at all times. They know when each keg on tap is scheduled to kick and how many servings remain before the keg is empty. With this knowledge, BrewLogix customers:

  • Never run out of customers’ favorite brews, increasing customer loyalty and on-tap income
  • Improve “just-in-time” ordering to better manage cash flow and reduce cost of on-hand inventory
  • Significantly reduce the time needed to conduct on-tap inventory while increasing draft inventory accuracy

What could you do if you knew…?

BrewLogix customers know exactly how each on-tap brew is performing. They know hour-by-hour popularity by keg. They know which brews are depleting faster or slower than their average brews. They know WHEN random and after-hours pours occur and the time on tap for each keg. With this knowledge, BrewLogix customers:

  • Strategically plan promotions for maximum impact
  • Make product mix adjustments to maximize keg turnover
  • Evaluate product freshness based on time on tap
  • Evaluate optimal keg size by product
  • Problem solve draft loss and regain unrealized revenue

What could you do if you knew…?

BrewLogix customers know their brews better than their competition. At their fingertips, they have brewery information on product style, flavor profile, ingredients, calories, possible food pairings and key product attributes. With this knowledge, BrewLogix customers:

  • Quickly answer customer questions and meet customers’ expectations for product information
  • Train and equip staff to master continuously changing product knowledge
  • Help customers make product choices that meet their specific preferences

What could you do if you knew…?

BrewLogix customers who integrate iKeg with their POS systems know how to evaluate and improve their complete on-draft program. They know which styles and flavor profiles are most popular with their customers during various time frames/seasons. They can compare product sales and profitability by brewery or product type, and product style. They know the exact difference between “sold” and “poured” by product and by day. With this knowledge, BrewLogix customers:

  • Achieve more effective (balanced) on-tap program performance
  • Improve on-deck planning to meet customer needs/preferences
  • Recover maximum unrealized revenue by targeting “poured but not sold” product

BrewLogix Digital Menu

BrewLogix customers who take advantage of iKeg can seamlessly parlay their on-draft program into an easy-to-use digital menu.

Ask us today how you can get the BrewLogix digital menu advantage for little-to-no cost!


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