To replace your Smart Scale battery:

  1. Grip the Smart Scale by the plastic top and turn it upside down. Locate and unscrew the battery compartment door. DO NOT unscrew the scale’s metal plate or squeeze the metal base.
  2. To remove the old battery, use a small screwdriver to pry out the old battery, then gently unplug the connector.
  3. To plug in the new battery, align the battery connector with the connector slot and plug in the new battery, taking care not to bend the connector pins. Tuck the battery wires into the wire holder.
  4. The red LED will flash once to confirm the battery is connected. Screw the battery compartment door back on securely.
  5. Now, reset the Smart Scale to its corresponding Tag number (see “Reset the Smart Scale” for step by step instructions, remembering NOT to squeeze the metal base and plastic top together).

How to order batteries

Please contact us at or (800) 257-6898 as you notice you are beginning to run low on batteries. We’ll have replacements shipped immediately. Thank you!