When a Smart Scale is “Offline,” it is no longer recording information. To begin troubleshooting follow the instructions below:

TRY THIS FIRST: Reset the Smart Scale

Note: This process will create an Unmatched Tag in the app.

Grip the Smart Scale by the plastic topDo NOT squeeze the metal base.

  1. Initiate a “reset” by pressing the red RFID button until the red LED light appears.
  2. Now, while the light is still red, reset the Smart Scale by inserting the corresponding RFID Tag into the RFID reader on the bottom of the Smart Scale.
  3. The red LED light will flash three times to confirm the Smart Scale is reset. If it doesn’t flash three times, repeat steps 1-3 above. If the “Offline” alert still appears after repeating steps 1-3 above, move to the next solution below.

TRY THIS NEXT: Battery Replacement

  1. Grip the Smart Scale by the plastic top and turn it upside down. Locate and unscrew the battery compartment door. DO NOT unscrew the scale’s metal plate or squeeze the metal base.
  2. To remove the old battery, use a small screwdriver to pry out the old battery, then gently unplug the connector.
  3. To plug in the new battery, align the battery connector with the connector slot and plug in the new battery, taking care not to bend the connector pins. Tuck the battery wires into the wire holder.
  4. The red LED will flash once to confirm the battery is connected. Screw the battery compartment door back on securely.
  5. Now, reset the Smart Scale to its corresponding Tag number (see “Reset the Smart Scale” above). If the offline alert still appears after twice-resetting the Smart Scale, please Contact Support (see below).

STILL NEED HELP?: Contact Support

If you have made it this far without resolution, the Smart Scale may be defective. A BrewLogix representative will be more than happy to assist in resolving the issue. Contact BrewLogix Support by either emailing us at support@brewlogix.com or call us at (800) 257-6898. Thank you!