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Your Solution To Running A High Performance Draft Beverage Program

The on-premise environment is high stress and fast-moving. It leaves little time to consistently operate a high-performing draft program. BrewLogix® created the Performance Platform™ to solve your pain.

Real-time Data Powering Real-time Decisions

Unique keg data that BrewLogix gives On-Premise draft Programs
Draft Performance Indicators™ highlight the status of your current kegged inventory in a single glance
Sorting tools like kick date, freshness, and depletion rate retrieve the data you need to take action quickly
Easily integrate real-time data into your day-to-day decision making. This data set reflects the “Levels” sort on your dashboard.
Let your draft program’s data help you limit surprises and prepare for what’s next. This data set reflects the “Kick Date” sort on your dashboard.

Meaningful BrewInsights™ For Clear Decision Making

Use BrewInsightsTM to help answer questions like:

• How is this keg performing against all others on tap? How about all others of the same style?

• Should I pull this under-performing keg or stick it out?

• Should I put this keg on special to speed depletions?

• When is this product most popular?

• The distributor(or brewer) has the product on sale. Buy, or pass?

• Does this product deserve a locked (dedicated) tap?

Unique Brew Insights | Keg Knowledge

Trailing Data To Blaze The Trail Forward

Data visualization for executive leaders

Screen shot of BrewLogix, Performance Platform Draft Performance Indicators
Draft Performance Indicators™ are presented in trailing time frames for quick benchmarking and trend analysis.
Customize your view of executive level data by changing trailing date ranges. Easily toggle between your locations.
Evaluate trailing draft performance data against key business goals. Gain access to proprietary algorithms evaluating New Brew Performance and Draft Program Variety.
Each data visualization breaks down into more granular metrics to help chart a path forward.
Trailing data visualizations (like this Throughput Analysis chart) give you the most recent and accurate data available at any moment.

Click And Drag To A Better On Deck Planning Experience With BrewOnDeck™

Take your planning to a new level of efficiency and ease

See, sort, and assign your available inventory in seconds

Your on deck plan updates automatically as kegs are changed and syncs with BrewKnowledge™ and BrewMenu™ – saving you valuable time

Keep your staff in the loop by sharing your on deck plan in real time


Instantly Increase Your Team’s BrewKnowledge™

Provide your team with on demand, real-time, product knowledge; no added work needed

Equip your staff to quickly and accurately answer guests’ questions about products on tap or on deck

Fully integrated with BreweryDB®

Product Knowledge Cards found on the BrewKnowledge app in the BrewLogix Performance Platform
Digital Menu Example for Bars and Breweries

Automate Your BrewMenu™

BrewOnDeck™ flows directly into BrewMenu™ and updates your website and screens automatically

Sync your products across TV, print, and web with one click

Add non-draft products to your menu to highlight your full beverage program

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