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Craft Beer, Kombucha, and Coffee Brewers

BrewLogix brewery customers have a number of things in common. They are exceptional at their craft and welcome knowledge that will help them succeed. They use unique product data to create a strategic advantage for themselves and their customers. They are growth-minded and choose to complement their own market knowledge with data-driven decision making.

Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

BrewLogix is honored to work with brewers across the country like Lord Hobo Brewing Co. in Woburn, Massachusetts (pictured). Lord Hobo Brewing not only uses the iKeg solution to capture and analyze unique and accurate keg data but it fully leverages the benefits of BreweryDB to promote its craft-brewed product and its brewery.

Brewery Equipment
Headshot of Riptide Coffee CEO

Craft Brew Distributors

BrewLogix distribution customers are typically focused on the success of craft-brewed product. They understand the continuous rotation and high demand of craft-brewed product and the importance of helping their brewers maintain tap positions. Above all else, distributors who use BrewLogix as a business advantage are looking for smarter ways to help their customers “never run out” of their most popular brews.

Jim Luby, Co-founder, Managing Partner, Riptide Coffee Company

"The technology from BrewLogix enables us to forecast sales while predicting and streamlining our nitro coffee keg delivery routes. Our customers’ employees depend on our cold brew to get them thru the day, now they never run out."

Headshot of Riptide Coffee CEO

Bars, Restaurants, Cafés, Tap Rooms

BrewLogix on-premise retail customers didn’t get into the café, restaurant, or bar business just to hang out with their friends. Yes, they love that too… but they also want to run stable, profitable businesses. Because consumer behavior demands it, they know their on draft program is at the center of their success. BrewLogix puts them in control of their keg knowledge so what’s on tap is delivering the highest possible return.

Ali Hashemy, Executive Director of Non-Gaming Operations, Tropicana Evansville Hotel & Casino

"BrewLogix has many benefits beyond real-time keg inventory management. It helps us understand customer preferences and more efficiently manage cost and product waste."

Picture of Bar Owner Smiling
Picture of Bar Owner Smiling