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Know more. Grow more.

The NEW BrewLogix® Performance PlatformTM uses advanced IoT infrastructure and cloud-powered analytics to serve up intelligent data insights that drop to your bottom line.

Complex Data Simplified to Make Decision Making Efficient.

  • “Operational” and “Executive” dashboard views for immediate and longer-term analysis and problem solving
  • Real-time insights into product performance against key benchmarks
  • Set and track draft performance against key business goals


Craft Brewers, Distributors, and On-Premise Retailers

BrewLogix® serves craft brewers and their customers in the beer, kombucha, and cold draft coffee industries. Whether you brew, distribute, or serve draft products, BrewLogix® and its patented keg sensors can help you know more and grow more.
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Insights from BrewLogix®

Three Beers On A Table

The Optimal Lineup

When curating a draft lineup there are several schools of thought on how to establish the perfect selection. While it might be tempting to separate your lineup into two sections,
Friends Cheering beer classes together

Equipping Your Team

When I go out for a beer, nothing is more valuable than a bartender who knows their menu. If my bartender knows the lineup inside and out, they can usually
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Never Run Out

We’ve all experienced it. You’re out for an evening with friends at your favorite spot. You’ve been looking forward to the great draft brew you tasted last week only to