Take Control of Your Draft Inventory.

Introducing The BrewLogix® Performance PlatformTM:

Data-driven Best Practices Driving Draft Program Success. The NEW BrewLogix® Performance PlatformTM uses advanced IoT infrastructure and cloud-powered analytics to serve up intelligent data insights that drop to your bottom line.

  • View and sort your tapped kegs based on your immediate priorities
  • Set and track draft performance against key business goals
  • Easily isolate and evaluate NEW products on draft
  • “Operational” and “Executive” dashboard views for immediate and longer-term analysis and problem solving

Automate and Communicate Your On Deck Plan.

Drag, drop, & execute your on deck plan. Beverage Managers, Bartenders, and Barbacks are just a few of the staff who need to know “what’s next” when a tapped keg kicks. Design and communicate “what’s next” in the BrewLogix® Performance PlatformTM with BrewOnDeckTM.

Evaluate Your Tapped Keg Performance With BrewInsightsTM

Use your data to make decisions. When you’re making a specific decision concerning a specific keg/product you may need a deeper layer of insight. For these moments, the BrewLogix® Performance PlatformTM pulls together critical data onto one screen for thorough but fast analysis.

  • Quickly get key stats such as pours remaining, depletion rate, and projected kick date. 
  • See Day & Hourly Popularity in a heat-map
  • Evaluate product performance across key performance indicators

Build Your Team’s BrewKnowledgeTM

Craft consumers are engaged consumers. When they  go out for a drink, they want to know more about what they’re ordering than the price. If your draft program has the variety craft consumers love to experience, then you, will really appreciate BrewKnowledgeTM from BrewLogix®!

BrewKnowledgeTM  generates on demand, real-time education for staff, helping them quickly and accurately answer questions about what’s on tap and what’s next.

BrewKnowledgeTM.  Just one more way BrewLogix® creates a competitive advantage for our customers through unique and accurate keg knowledge!

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